SET…A completely integrated approach..SET your brand apart from the rest!

Somerset Equestrian Trading grew from a need to complete the marketing circle.  Our approach creates a integrated program that includes marketing and sales on the retail and wholesale level.  Our experienced team has helped many brands achieve success in reaching their target market in the horseworld but recently we saw the need to add a mobile marketing unit to our capabilities. This ensures the brands are represented correctly when first exposed to the potential end user. It also facilitates event sponsorship activation.  This method drives business to potential vendors and creates new vendor opportunities.

Other aspects include making a plan, a road map to success.

Creating special events and sponsorships that build awareness and drive sales to your brand.

Social Media programs that really work!

Media Releases that get shared in print and digital media and tell your brand’s story.

Logo design or redesign and slogan creation.

Participation in product development and refining of marketing goals.

In essence..we make your brand a part of the horseworld!

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